Welcome to Ethical Sex Toys for Phthalate Free Luxury Sex Toys UK

Mission Statement

Phthalate Free
An EthicalSextoys product will be constructed from phthalate free or natural materials, giving you the reassurance of protecting your bodies from exposure to harmful chemicals.

Ethical Policy
We believe in bringing ethical and environmental awareness to the sex toys market place and only stocking brands that have their own environmental policies and use body safe materials in their sex toys. Each brand we stock has a page highlighting their ethical and environmental policy, included materials used and product quality.

Product quality
EthicalSextoys do not promote the disposable culture we live in – wasting resources and creating landfills of cheap short-life products. All the products on our site are the highest standard of design with durability in mind; an EthicalSextoys product will give many years of pleasure which can help to help to reduce consumption of resources.

Environmental awareness
Part of our mission is to encourage manufacturers to become more environmentally responsible through the use of recycled materials and commitments to reduce their carbon usage.

EthicalSextoys are currently working on implementing strategies to offset all our carbon output and support valuable projects which reverse damage to the planet through carbon omissions and pollution. We will update this information to let you know our progress and how we are making a difference for good.

Our office is efficient with energy consumption and we use energy saving monitors to keep all usage to a minimum. The EthicalSextoys office team all walk to work and have almost zero business travel

Encouraging recycling
EthicalSextoys are currently implementing a sextoy recycling programme to encourage adherance to the WEEE directive. This will involve being able to send your unwanted and worn out sextoys to a designated destination for recycling, a discreet and easy alternative to using your local recycling centre. To encourage take up on our scheme we will be offering discount incentives for every toy returned.

At the EthicalSextoys office we recycle all paper, cans, bottles and glass and minimise unnecessary paper usage and printing. We are efficient with energy consumption and use energy saving monitors to keep all output to a minimum.

Improving sexuality
EthicalSextoys believe in ergonomically designed, female-form friendly, adult toys for your maximum pleasure, promoting a better sex life and creating a deeper level of intimacy with your partner through shared adventure and fun.

EthicalSextoys believe in beauty - the products we sell are high quality design and aesthetically pleasing - we don’t believe in the cheap and seedy side of sex toys - we believe in sex toys that are beautiful objects to look at - desire starts with a beautiful product.

Always here for our customers
Our customers are the most important part of our business and we strive to meet their needs on every level - we can be contacted by phone or email and we will respond - we encourage suggestions and we will listen - if our customers are not happy we will ensure we put things right - we are a friendly company, passionate about what we do and always on hand to give advice.

Dedicated to our mission
EthicalSextoys are just starting on our mission and have a long way to go, we can’t claim to have everything perfect just yet - but our hearts and beliefs are in the right place and we are moving in the right direction towards our vision. Some of the suppliers we use may not be 100% environmentally sound but we carefully select them for their use of body safe materials, superior quality products and promotion of healthy sex lives.

We believe in our own policies and philosophy 100% so have no difficulty in maintaining our passion and motivation to constantly improve our processes and impact.
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