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Brands we sell

EthicalSextoys is a business built on a shared passion for ethical, organic and environmentally friendly products. Founded by Manou and Shelli in 2007 the original store sold a wide range of sex toys with an emphasis on being female friendly and improving sex lives for couples. After exposure to the sex toy industry Manou and Shelli decided the website needed a new direction with a more ethical stance.

EthicalSextoys made the decision to only stock products which meet our criteria of:
  • Female friendly
  • Improving sexuality
  • Body-Safe & chemical free
  • Eco sound (where possible)
  • Design quality that lasts
We carefully select all the brands and toys on our website to meet these criteria.

The benefit of our high standards of selection means that all the toys we sell are the best in the sex toy market place and every item will deliver what you ultimately want - the best sex life!

On our website we have a review of each supplier including:
  • Materials Used
  • Ethical Policy
  • Product Quality
  • Improving Sexuality
  • Environmental Policy
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